Hire Agreement

The Clevedon Youth & Community Centre Management Committee hire out the facilities within the original building including the main hall and meeting room. Please use the Contact Us pages to contact The Centre Manager to enquire about availability.

Standard conditions of hire for the centre.

THE HIRER, upon request, shall pay a deposit, of at least one third of the cost of his/her booking. Deposits will only be refundable as detailed in CYCMC rules.

THE HIRER shall pay the balance due as agreed in the hiring agreement.

THE HIRER shall ensure that the general rules governing the use of the Club building, as supplied to the hirer are complied with.

THE HIRER shall, on making the booking, inform the Committees representative of his/her requirements with regard to the use of the facilities.

THE HIRER shall, during the period of hiring, be responsible for the supervision of the premises, and safe utilisation of the contents and fabric, and the behaviour of those using the premises.

THE HIRER shall be responsible for funding and obtaining any licences that may be required from to time to time, in connection with their booking, other than those already held by the Centre.

THE HIRER shall be responsible for making any arrangements to ensure against any third party claims which may lie against his/her organisation whilst using the premises. CYCMC shall insure against claims arising out of its own negligence.

THE HIRER shall be responsible for observance of all regulations appertaining to the premises stipulated by the licensing justice, the Fire authority (in accordance with rule 4), the Local Authority or otherwise.

THE HIRER shall not sublet or use the premises for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful way nor do anything or bring anything onto the premises, anything which may endanger the premises or its users, or any insurance policy relating thereto.

THE HIRER shall indemnify CYCMC for the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the property, including the curtilage thereof, or the contents of the building, during or as the result of a booking.

THE HIRER, shall, if selling goods on the premises, comply with Fair Trading Laws and any local codes of practice issued in connection with such sales.

THE HIRER agrees to comply with any requests that may be made by the CYCMC representative with regard to current Health & Safety legislation.

AS WITNESS the hands of the parties hereto:

Signed by the person named in paragraph 5 of the hiring agreement, on behalf of the CYCMC


Signed by the person named in paragraph 6 of the Hiring agreement, on behalf of the hiring organisation


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