The story so far

The Clevedon Youth and Community Centre (The Barn) is the successor to the original Clevedon Youth Club, which was opened in 1962 following the creation of the Clevedon Youth Centre Trust (Registered Charity No: 304520) with an added community dimension. In 1993, the design and costing of a building to be erected on the site now occupied by The Barn was commissioned. In March 1994, fund-raising began with an appeal for £120,000. The money was raised, and the Centre was completed, and opened in November 1996, when it was officially named The Barn.

The Clevedon Youth Centre Management Committee (CYCMC), which is the operational arm of the Clevedon Youth Centre Trust, took over responsibility for running the Centre, from 1st April 1997, including striking a suitable balance between youth and community use.

The building is currently held in trust by Clevedon Town Council, but continues to be run by the CYCMC.

We continue to work actively to develop The Barn as a sustainable facility, operating in accordance with the aims of the Clevedon Youth Centre Trust we seek appropriate local authority and other grant support.

In 2009 CYCMC welcomed the completion of the Clevedon Children's Centre which was built alongside the original building and the mutual benefits this has brought. CYCMC also provides facilities for, and has commissioned FoReal - Fun Recreational Learning, to run the youth activity at The Barn from September 2013.